Variant Change Detection
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This only matters if you have volume discounts on products that have variants with different prices and where you are showing the lowest price or if you are showing dollar amounts in your discount tables.

In order to make sure we work with almost every theme available to you, we have many different options here. Most of the themes we have worked with fall into one of these categories.


Shopify Free Themes

This is for all of the free themes provided by Shopify such as Dawn.

Window Event Listener

This uses window.addEventListener to listen for an event dispatched on the window.

Document Event Listener

This uses document.addEventListener to listen for an event dispatched on the document.

Element Event Listener

This uses element.addEventListener to listen for an event dispatched on the element. The element is selected using document.querySelector.

jQuery Event Listener

This uses $(el).on(event) to listen for an event emitted using jQuery.

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