Lowest Price Configuration

How to configure the lowest price in your theme!

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Theme Configuration

There are a few settings that can be configured in the "Theme Configuration" section of our app. When you select your theme from the dropdown, we will try to detect what theme it is and load default values if we have them, but those values can be changed as needed.

  1. Product Page Price Selector

    This is the CSS selector used to select the price element on your product page. Be sure to use a selector that will only grab the price element and nothing else.

  2. Variant Change Detection Method

    This only matters if you have volume discounts on products that have variants with different prices and where you are showing the lowest price or if you are showing dollar amounts in your discount tables.

App Block Configuration

  • The "Lowest Price" app block can be added to any product page using your theme editor.

  • The app block can be placed anywhere on the page as the current version using javascript to update the price element when the page loads. For convenience, we recommend placing it right under the actual price.

  • The configuration for the app block is very simple. You can customize the message that is shown (ex: As low as {price}). Follow the instructions in the sidebar when configuring the app block to enter your theme id.

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