Creating Volume Discounts

Learn how to create custom volume discounts by using our app and real Shopify discounts to optimize store performance!

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Creating volume discounts is now easier than ever before! We utilize the latest features available to us from Shopify to provide volume discounts without the need to inject slow javascript into your site.

Just go to the discounts in your Shopify admin dashboard and select "Create discount" in the upper right corner.

Below the normal discount types provided by Shopify, you will see our custom volume discount options. Select one of the options depending on if you want to discount at the product level or at the order level.

Once you select a discount to create, you can fill out the details of your discount just like the default Shopify discounts, however you can now define discount tiers and configure custom messaging for your storefront.

The following screenshot shows some of the customizations our app has added.

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