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Buy X Offer Repeat Type
Buy X Offer Repeat Type

Change if the Buy X offer will repeat when the highest tier is reached

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When you are creating a "Buy X For $" offer type, you have two options for how the offer repeats. The intended behavior is that it does not repeat, since you would use the "Volume Discounts" offer type to achieve this type of offer. Due to the way our app previously worked, this offer type would repeat only the last tier so we have left that functionality in the form of the "Legacy" option so we do not break existing customers offers.

Example Offer:










In this mode, if you have greater than 6 quantity in your cart, no additional discount would be added until you hit the last tier for a second time (in this case, you would need to have 12 of the item in your cart). Once you hit 12, the same discount (in this case 15%) would be applied to those items. We understand this is not usually a desired behavior, which is why we have called it "Legacy" and left it as an option.

Do Not Repeat:

In this mode, any quantity over 6 would not receive a discount.

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