Discount Offer Types

Learn more about the different type of offers you can create on the Discounted Pricing app.

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Here are 3 different types of discounted pricing offers you can set up on your store:

1. Volume Discount / Quantity Breaks

Such discounts are perfect for bulk ordering. You can set up a table that shows the discounts that shoppers can get for purchasing at least a certain quantity of the same product.

For volume discounts, you can either set a percentage off for the volume of products being purchased or a certain fixed amount that will be deducted from the total price.

2. Spend Amount - Get Discount

This type of discount is only applied when the cart subtotal value is higher than a specific amount. You may set up the offer in such a way that if the cart value is higher than $100, the shopper gets a $ or % discount on their entire cart.

Such offers allow you to nudge shoppers to shop more, increasing the average order value in your store.

3. Buy X for $

This discount is applied when you buy a certain quantity of the same product. This is different from the volume discount type in that the discount is only applied in groupings of the exact quantity specified. So if you design an offer like the one in the screenshot below, and the customer puts 4 of the item in their cart, then they will receive the first 3 items at 10% off each item, and then the fourth item will be at regular price.

Reach out to our support team for assistance in creating an offer if you need any help!

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