Once you have enabled the app for your store, there are a few things you can check or just message us in support and we'll help you get setup! :-)

Disable conflicting apps

Most apps work in tandem with ours. However, if you are facing issues showing your discount, test out disabling the following kind of apps to see which one is conflicting with Discounted Pricing app:

  • Apps that take over the checkout page

  • Other discount apps

  • Upsell or cross-sell apps that display on the cart page.

  • Just uninstalling old apps is great however most of them leave behind code and is worth deleting and will make you site faster. We'll help you clean this up too!

Check to see if the API is getting called

See if the API is getting called by filtering the debug console for an API called "appikon" when you increase or decrease the quantity.

You have updated your theme

If you've recently updated your theme ping us in support and we'll help get your pages set back up with the integration.

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