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Discount Table Configuration
Discount Table Configuration
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When configuring a discount / offer you have the ability to have a table generated and shown on the Product page. This selection will allow you to use some predefined templates for your table or you can create more custom configurations based on your needs.

In order to create custom discount tables, navigate to Custom Table Configurations thru "Settings -> Discount Tables -> Custom Tables"

Here you can create a variety of table options using some of the predefined variables shown.

These variables can be used in your table by enclosing them in double curly braces -> {{ variable }}

  • min_val - Used to display the min quantity or subtotal.

  • max_val - Used to display the max quantity or subtotal.

  • range - Used to show the min-max range.

  • discount - Used to show the discount value based on the offer type. If the offer is % off, this would be the same as percent_discount

  • dollar_amount - Used to the dollar amount the customer would pay.

  • dollar_discount - Used to show the dollar discount the customer would receive.

  • percent_discount - Used to show the percent discount the customer would receive

Below you can set custom messages and use CSS selectors for placement if you'd like to override these.

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