With custom pricing, you can show shoppers the dynamic pricing available to them with the quantity of products they buy. The volume discount can be shown in a table format like below:

You can make changes to the table within the Custom Pricing app. Here's how:

1. Under 'Settings', click on 'Customize Design'.

2. Click on the name of the offer whose table you want to customize.

3. Under 'Discount Table', you can choose between the table type— default, detailed, grid range, or grid range alt. Once changed, click on 'Save' to save the changes.

4. Toggle to the second option at the top— 'Design'. Here, you can make changes to how the table appears, the padding around the text, background color, front size, text alignment, and border width.

5. The changes you make can be viewed in real time at the right of the screen.

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